Affiliate Programme

The 80s Casual Classics website covers many bases for their loyal customers; firmly established as the ultimate place to find retro, old skool classics. A unique much-loved destination for many customers and known within the old skool community through being a launch pad revival site linked to period cultures of music and film.  Think you can influence this community and monetise the traffic you’ve generated? Then look no further than our very own affiliate programme. If you can target the 80s Casual Classics customers it’s an obvious win, with so many available products to guarantee income streams. Leave us to “WOW” customers with how we strive to offer the best available range. 

If you opt to promote Adidas (as an example) or any brand in which you feel a connection most strongly with to drive traffic, feel confident that when customers land on the 80s Casual Classics site they are immediately taken back by infinitely more brands available.

We have multiple brand exclusives with 300-500 limited runs, across 6 top selling brands; with overall choice, range of sizes, and one-off limited editions aiding our unique selling destination (in addition to making us the talking point amongst social communities). Our links to Music, Culture, and Films have validated the credibility within the company in addition to showcasing our passion in what we do and what we want to achieve.  

Sounds good? Here is the information you need to sign up:  


How does it work? 

We have an affiliate programme on the Visualsoft Affiliate Network (the link is at the bottom of this page) meaning you get paid for converting traffic you send to our website. On the programme you will find banners, links and offers available to push to your audience in order to help direct traffic.


What's in it for you?

  • Earn up to 8% commission
  • 30 day cookie period
  • Potential for exclusive promotions and higher commission rates
  • Regularly updated promotional material 
  • A datafeed API which updates each time it's requested
  • A dedicated support team 


How to join?

You can find us on the Visualsoft Affiliate Network by signing up to: and searching for the 80s Casual Classics account (Programme ID: 1011l243).


If you have any questions prior to signing up to the 80s Casual Classics affiliate programme, or any difficulties signing up, please contact