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80s Casual Classics - There is Only One

- A website that has lead the revival of many Heritage brands from 70s, 80s,90s since inception 2006 and built a strong like minded customer base with some love of nostalgic styles. Years on the website has been developed with and for its customers we wont stand still and whilst based on classic 80s Origins we look to establish much loved classics from the past decades all in all we offer a unique mix and experience.

- Whilst an 80s Casual, dresser, soul boy, smoothie always respected genres and Music scenes from Mod, Punk, Indie,Brit Pop, Manchester, Ibiza, Rave and various dance cultures and respect the passions and nostalgia of young and old.

- Involved in period film work involving casual, dressing characters in both 80s, 90s TV, Film and Music and wardrobe duties on some classic British movies.

- We worked closely with customers and brands to ensure some key re-launch classics solely launching Ellesse in 2010 and major input to Fila, Sergio Tacchini and Lois supplying many Originals from our Film collectors archives to ensure some quality heritage releases and some fresh releases based on past styling.

- In recent years 80s Casual Classics have become leaders in footwear and continue to grow, as with our unique clothing mix and Exclusive styles we try to ensure we stock a large mix of available heritage classics and relevant new technology modern releases.

- 80s Casual Classics will not stand still and aware our customers were leaders and whilst the first to look back and embrace great times a period never finished for many - we acknowledge brands and styles we feel is fresh new and relevant to our customers and desire to look and feel good. If we sell our brands fitness gym wear trainers we would be sensible to see it served the purpose so expect some lycra pants Ha Ha..   

Our Story- 

After years of continued growth and expansion of a concept site establishing a fantastic collection of customers with mutual appreciation of Casuals and Old Skool classics, 80s Casual Classics has firmly established itself as the worlds only real website store of its kind with much unique offer. We pride ourselves on being a store born out of our customer appreciation , we remain dedicated to offering unique brands and styles inspired by British subculture of the 70s, 80s and 90s and brands that belong alongside such culture groups. We are devoted to ensuring that the influential and iconic looks and fond memories of the casuals, dressers, smoothies and soul boy eras remain alive. We strive to respect our customers "dressing days", which means we like to deliver fresh new products or relaunched items from the past.

Throughout the past decade we have played a pivotal role in the re-launch of classic lines from the likes of Sergio Tacchini, Fila, Ellesse, Diadora and Lois. We stock an extensive range from the likes of Adidas Originals, Lacoste, Lyle and Scott, Pretty Green, Farah, Ma.Strum, Henri Lloyd- all brands that we feel carry the spirit of old and that of our customer. We do strive to maintain high levels of stock on all our known classics, as well as having some very select LIMITED EDITION pieces that are a bit special and do sell-out fast. If you have only just discovered 80s Casual Classics please bare with us if styles are out of stock these may well be special one off limited items. By all means enquire about any likely stocks.

A great deal of our success is attributable to pure passion and fascination for 80s fashion and reflected by our involvement in its revival. We have given much time and support to popular films honoring the era such as The Business and The Firm.

Whilst we love the pursuit of the original pieces that many of our customers remember so fondly, the essence of 80s was discovering new and some oneupmanship so we are not afraid to incorporate these with contemporary brands to create a modern day style still paying homage to the legendary looks of the past. This has proven to be the perfect look for the casuals and culture lovers of the 80s, now well over 30 years from falling in love with Italian Sportswear- golf etc equally paving the way for younger generations admiring culture of fashion and music and global trends. 

Here at 80s, we value the opinions and suggestions of our customers. We combine them with our own thoughts and ideas and take them to our designers at the likes of Ellesse and Fila to secure exclusive lines or influence release decisions. We appreciate feedback, so please do not hesitate to leave reviews or get in contact. Most of all we like making our customers happy.......Happy Daze ...keep it casual.  

 Neil and Kev with Ian Brown

New Beginnings 

The 80s Casual Classics journey started well over 20 years ago. As music promoters during the late 80s and early 90s Indie scene we were heavily influenced by bands such as the The Stone Roses and Oasis. In 1993 we launched Planet Clothing. Based in Bedford, Planet had strong links to muscial popular culture with weekly events. From Adidas trainers to Parka jackets, it was the ideal place to get the looks arriving from Manchester and Oasis- Blur and some Old skool retro revivals..

Our very first retro dealings were with Adidas, in stocking some original vintage pairs of the likes of Jeans and Cords Trainers. The upshot of which, was two visits from Oasis during their early days of the band. In actual fact, the Gallagher brothers can both be seen wearing trainers they picked up from our shop in their "Live Forever" video.

In the decade that followed, we established 4 highly successful stores despite the challenges faced by dying high street retail and booming online trade. In 2006 we set up an eBay store and began selling online. It was committed to selling vintage styles from Sergio Tacchini and Fila Vintage and soon became a key part of the business as mentioned born from THE BUSINESS film.

Whilst owners Neil and Kevin had branded fashion stores in 2 large towns, it soon became clear Neil could make a return to his casual days of the 80s, an era he looks back on with great nostalgia. For many, it was an era that was left unfinished. As Neil recalls:

"In the 80's I personally did not see the casual look as being exclusive to football casuals. I just recall myself and a bunch of mates having to wear the gear. I was possibly more of a street casual or sports casual was probably a sport billy and a bit of a colourful southern poser. After all, we lived miles from any real football casual culture. I grew up on a love for sport and a passion for buying elitist clothing- Borg and Mcenroe were cool as were there clothes and trainers- the price of Diadora just made them a window salivating desire. 2006 was like being re-united with a first love and unfinished busines".

Soon, the retro revival was underway and kick started by Nick Love with the release of The Business in 2005. The film featured many classic casual pieces, and provoked a growing demand for 80s track jackets, polos shirts and shorts. Our own inclusion as a brand stockist in The Business DVD ignited much interest in our old school terrace classics. Consequently our confidence soon grew to run with our passion for 80s clothing and set the wheels in motion with Fila and Sergio Tacchini to re-launch some of their most popular 80s Icon pieces.

As well as a surprising amount of interest from a younger crowd, those prominent during the 80s were really chasing the garments they once owned or dreamed of owning or maybe the need to buy a bigger top than the Fila still loved and treasured in the loft from when they were 13-14yrs. As our site launched in 2009 it soon became clear to us many of our customers were original football casuals with stories of terrace dressing and one-upmanship. We are now proud to be able to supply our customers with an array of casual classics, from the Fila Terrinda to Lois cords and the Ellesse Rimini to Diadora Borg Elites. 


Life after Planet & 80s Revival

As individuals with fond memories of this amazing era, we soon embraced serving many like minded, old skool terrace football casuals and culture lovers, welcoming a return to the days of buying premium, luxury sportswear. We started with vintage and new items on eBay before going on to supply costumes and consult on wardrobe ideas for The Firm back in 2009. Many of the clothes were particularly difficult to get hold of. Due to their rarity, Borg and McEnroe classics came at a premium. Packed with original 80s casual attire we bought for the film, The Firm boasted a collection of captivating collectors pieces with an estimated value of £40,000. The success of the film initiated the re-launch of selective styles and brands. Stocks quickly ran short; requests rapidly came flooding in. 

The following year witnessed the revival success of the Diadora Borg Elite gold trainers that saw many customers buy 3 pairs at once. After selling out across the UK, prices soon rocketed to £200 a pair for the kangaroo skin edition.

The renowned Borg BJ range from Fila then followed suit. The Settanta Mk1 track jacket in kelly green, navy and red is the ultimate Borg track top and along with the Fila Terrinda MK3 is the most requested item we have had. The Terrinda launched at £100 and the limited stock sold out in record time- £150 with matching pants. This slick track top rose prominence once again after it was sported by Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer in The Business. Prior to its re-launch, getting hold of an original 80s Terrindas would have likely set someone back about £800-1000. Fila have kept the elite Borg style exclusive with 80s Casual Classics and have settled down at around £75-£79 and is unsurprisingly one of our best sellers.

Crystal ball gazing

80s Casual Classics' objective is continuous increase overall wardrobe offer for our customers taking ideas and fullfilling fond memories and new desires findings. Based on the same fundamental principles and ethos that has seen us develop into what we are today, we have opened select regional stores in towns where we have support with our chosen website mix. We will continue in the hunt to revive brands and classic pieces that have not been seen in over 3 decades with the help of the unrelenting support, stories and feedback from our loyal customer base. 

A great night in our home town of Bedford Film premier with Nick Love and key actors and an after 80s party with customers travelling many miles. Our own Neil Primett shopkeeper costume consultant gets in on the action.

 Neil Primett at The Firm premier with cast