A wardrobe tribute to the great man himself that may prove he possibly was the ultimate 80s casual style, influencer because  without him Sergio Tacchini would not have made it to the casual arena at the sales and premium brand level they had gone on to achieve. In modern day context McEnroe was a rock god or football fashion icon with an army of 80s football terrace casuals and street break-dancers who were wearing his clothes!

Featured below are some of the key tops that saw McEnroe build the leading casuals terrace brand of the 80s. We have struck up a relationship with Sergio Tacchini and have grown big enough as a specialist to be able to select comeback styles purely for our customers. The likes of Nick Love,  The Business and The Firm have helped ignite the desire to own some great retro 80s Sergio Tacchini and John McEnroe .

Sergio Tacchini Star Track Top

The Sergio Tacchini Star track top was a very popular 80s classic and was a huge hit with 80s Casuals. Back in 2007 it was the most requested re-release we had ever featured. Popular colours that got the go ahead have been Navy/White, White/Navy (as per McEnroe image) and Royal Blue/White.

Back in the day this was a key style seen on terrace casuals, The Firm film. Newer colours that made a return 3 years later were White/Royal/Red, a newer Navy/White, Yellow/Navy, Sky/Red and Red/White to finish. This iconic track top has always been well received with customers online and instores alike.

Sergio Tacchini Dallas Track Top

Sergio Tacchini Dallas track top another McEnroe track that was huge with casuals and seen previously on Danny Dyer donning both the Navy and Sky versions in the hit film The Business serving up a huge reminder to 80s casuals of this popular track top.

More recent re-issues have been in White, Sky and Navy then we exclusively clinched a Royal return and a Red later in 2010 along with some matching dallas bottoms that proved a huge hit.

Sergio Tacchini New Young Line Track Top

The Sergio Tacchini New Young Line track top, partner range to the new young line polo. This popular top had a hidden zip off sleeve, unlike recent Fila zip offs, which were concealed enabling the owner to have the track top look in its own right. The zip off sleeve became huge with 80s casuals keen to show off the many other brands who would logo sleeves and roll necks with logos kappa Lyle & Scott etc.

A 2010 comeback colour due a re-release after being a key featured style in Nick loves The Firm.

Sergio Tacchini New Young Line Polo's

The Sergio Tacchini New Young Line Polo shirt was and still is a must for any mid 80s casual worn by McEnroe and Pat Cash whilst always in white it came with many shoulder stripe variations in some common colours. More recently re-releases were in navy and red.

The 80s colours included a silver grey, lemon yellow, sky blue, navy and royal blue variants.

Pictured are some examples of the most popular colours that were launched through 80s Casual Classics.

Sergio Tacchini Masters Track Top

A very popular 80s track was the Masters with a simplistic design that accompanied the polo shirt (as pictured) now known as the Sergio Tacchini Young Line Polo its simplistic one colour stripe was a huge hit as a key casuals piece and was a huge retro comeback polo easily wearable for 35-45 year old casuals reliving this amazing era.

The track top was a huge hit especially in white but was also available in Navy/White and White/Royal stripe detail.

Sergio Tacchini Blow Polo Shirt

Another well known McEnroe polo known as the Sergio Tacchini Blow polo shirt had not been seen for many years in the classic white colour with navy and red sleeve, only the more recent Canadian/USA remakes were royal with navy blue sleeve. This may be more for tennis fans.

In 2008 a remake was finally made in a traditional cotton Sergio Tacchini retro style. The 80s original was a stretch body sock type fabric and possibly limited the wearable appeal for casuals and was kept to the tennis elite.

Sergio Tacchini Ghibli Track Top

One of Sergio Tacchini's most popular re-releases is the Davis Cup Ghibli track as seen on McEnroe in the image with the Davis cup team writing on the front.

The UK and European re-releases have not had the USA badges on and the first release happened in 2010.